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Code structure and methodology13 min read

It’s the easiest part to produce code when you know how, what and in what methodology so it’s easier to change it later.

If the code comes last it lasts.


Software architecture15 min read

Architectural solutions and patterns can save you a lot of effort, money and brain cells.

Good architectures also tends to last for not so short periods of time. It ages like a good wine (not really).

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Workflow and process10 min

Sometimes even with all the best coding practices being applied, the work is still poorly managed and distributed. 

We still end up with a lot of the bad things remaining.

Digital marketing

To-market strategy and pricing5 min read

Learn how to get in the open and let the people know you exist.

The subtle art of pricing your products.


Discussion on testing13 min read

Is short term pain of testing for long term gain worth it? Is there even a long term gain in the first place?

Feels like a loss of time at some points.

4113614 (1)

Why and how to structure your tests13 min read

Often we thought I had well tested code, but the obvious bugs were missed.

How to properly have safety net...

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Here are some of the folks that experienced the quality.

  • Argent
    Non-custodial crypto wallet

    Argent is the world's simplest and safest crypto wallet. In one tap you can earn interest and invest; borrow, store and send. It is the only wallet with multi-signature security and social recovery (which Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin says is his "preferred method for securing a wallet"). Argent is able to provide unrivaled security because it's built on Ethereum smart contracts.

  • Ankora
    Product Development Company

    "Upstart was great support for us during the planning and development of projects related to cryptocurrencies and the stock market. Their experience in building systems that gather, store and process big data was crucial to meet the performance and security expectations of our clients. We definitely look forward to our collaboration on future projects."

  • Didomi
    Consent Management Platform

    Didomi builds technology to help companies put their users in control of their personal data. By doing so, they generate valuable trust and lay the groundwork for privacy-conscious growth. Their front-end products include a globally recognized Consent Management Platform and a highly reliable Preference Center solution. Didomi helps companies get informed, compliant user consent.

  • Bitbond
    Global P2P lending platform

    Bitbond is the first global marketplace lending platform for small business loans that uses cryptocurrencies for handling transactions. It connects small business owners who need financing with individual and institutional lenders. By leveraging cryptocurrencies as a payment network, it provides inclusive finance for developed and emerging markets.

  • Meld
    Banking stack for DeFi

    MELD is building the DeFi banking stack unlocking the value of your crypto assets in fiat while keeping a long position. MELD is an open-source, non-custodial liquidity protocol for borrowing fiat (EUR and USD) against crypto collateral and earning yield on deposits. The MELD token is used for governance of the protocol, and it can be staked to earn yield.

How to upstart™ your startup in 4 easy steps

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    Starts with your great idea 🚀

    In a few years, something epic will exist that does not today.

    The question is who will be able to have an idea and build it efficiently.

    If you play it cleverly, that will be you.

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    Focus on your strengths 💪

    Be smart. Don't waste time on something that is already solved and known.

    This is why people take consulting services. Pay for the solved stuff, think about the new stuff.

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    Let us guide you ☯️

    We offer multiple consulting services based on our previous experiences so you can improve your architecture, code, and processes.

    We do customized case studies and analyses for each of our clients.

    Your job is then to be what you are and show the world your great new invention.

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    Share your baby with the world 🌎

    Since you can now focus on your idea and know how to have a well-functioning code and process, go out there and show them!

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